Migrant Voucher Program

The Migrant Voucher Program is an innovative healthcare delivery strategy wherein Finger Lakes Community Health contracts with other independent healthcare facilities across New York State who have met NYS Department of Health regulations and treat their patients with quality, culturally competent care.

The FLCH Migrant Voucher Program, one of 22 in the United States, has contractual agreements with more than 150 provider sites in 42 counties of New York State who agree to provide care to eligible farmworker patients, provide the necessary care, and accept a negotiated rate of reimbursement from FLCH for that care. The FLCH Administrative Office serves as a hub for the Migrant Voucher Program, coordinating patient visits to migrant voucher sites, interpretation, referrals, and authorizing payment. Farmworkers or their advocates can
call  the FLCH  Administrative Office to arrange for services, working with bilingual staff to arrange visits and care coordination.

For more information call 1.800.724.0862 or email us at info@flchealth.org