Care Coordination Services

Filling the needs of farmworker patients.

FLCH has developed a strong care coordination program with a focus on the unique needs of the farmworker patient. This program works in conjunction with the primary healthcare services available. The bilingual/bicultural staff is sensitive to the particular needs of a culturally diverse population and provides assistance to each patient as he or she moves through the healthcare system. Trained in disease education, FLCH Community Health Workers function as facilitators and educators who conduct informative discussions regarding healthcare issues. The goal of these discussions is to encourage people to use the healthcare services available and to help motivate patients toward a more healthy and self-reliant lifestyle.

Through our established referral systems, the Community Health Workers direct their clients to services, assist them with making appointments, advise them on how best to use the services, and link patients to other community resources such as churches, local businesses, and other health and social agencies. Through Community Health Workers’ involvement with their clients, they become familiar with the patient’s lifestyle, work, diet, beliefs, etc. The Community Health Workers share this knowledge with the providers, helping to enhance the quality of the patient/doctor relationship.

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